Our Coverage

Insurance can be fun!

Seeing our clients getting a new house, car, horse, or piece of farm equipment is great. We get to share in that “pride of ownership” feeling that occurs when you insure new toys.

The not so fun part is when an accident happens to our clients, but we do our best to give you the peace of mind-knowing that you have the proper coverage, and your claims will be handled promptly and fairly.

We strive to give our responsible insureds the most comprehensive, sensible insurance, at whatever point in life they are at. The insurance needs are different for a 16 year old getting their first car and a family with a large farming operation, but the insurance must do the same thing-protect you and your belongings.

As an independent agent, we are able to insure with many different carriers. With nearly 20 companies to write with we can custom fit insurance to you.